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RAN COMPLECT Process Equipment PT

Oil & Gas process equipment from Russia: reactors, columns, separators, heat-exchangers, absorbers, steam generators, pumps.

Reference list / Process equipment for oil refineries and petrochemical plants

Reference list / Heaters and furnace packages

RAN Alkylation Technology

Alkylation Technology - Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Unit (SAAU).
Russian patendted technology. Light olefins (propylene, butylene, amylene) to react with isobutene in the presense of a strong acid catalyst.
Sulfuric acid alkylation technology on a basis of reactor-set including jet reactor and hydrocyclone.

RAN TAME presentation

Russian technology for production of MTBE / ETBE / TAME.
Technology for Oxymethylation of Isopentenes in Reactor-Rectifier.

Reference list / Process design and turn-key packages for refineries

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