Why doing business with us

We employ high-qualified people, including PhD, having 15+ years of experience in Oil & Gas industry. Our people are capable to execute high-complexity projects in turn-key format. Our Engineering team composed of qualified technologists, design engineers, mathematicians, mechanical engineers, installation, material and corrosion specialists. 

For some units, we are capable to provide design of process unit without BD stage thanks to our expertise. We reduce timeframe of design stage.

Math modeling department in collaboration with our experimental laboratory do calculations to optimize process equipment design. We can reduce weight and dimensions of equipment without influence to operational lifetime and process efficiency and provide increase of production capacity.

We can quickly apply modifications to design projects during design stage.

We can develop equipment design in accordance with Russian standards and ASME in parallel. We can make compliance check of International datasheets to Russian norms. We can also adapt any International technical documentation to Russian norms and standards.

We have long term partnerships with major Russian design institutes, manufacturers of process equipment, steel mills and construction companies in Russia and CIS countries

We have lots of experience for design, fabrication and delivery of low-alloy, oversized and unique equipment.

We continuously monitor and track product lines and workload of Russian manufacturers. As a result we can provide optimal selection of the maker for order placement.

Our logistics department ensures in-time delivery of equipment and has long experience in delivery of oversized and overweight equipment.

We do and assist site assembly and welding using our in-home engineers and workforce.

We ensure shortening of production period up to 30% driven by:

  • effective internal communications and parallel execution of project stages
  • direct communications with top-management of Russian manufacturers
  • our company permanent representatives in manufacturers’ offices
  • our own steel plates warehouses and supply chain department
  • placement of steel plate material orders on design stage
  • quality and delivery control on each stage of project execution
  • active interconnections with manufacturers’ engineers
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