RAN COMPLECT is one of the leading Russian private engineering companies with over 20 years of experience in Oil & Gas Industry. We employ high-qualified professional engineers, researchers, consultants and managers.

For many years we supply process equipment for Oil & Gas industry, executing the projects with high level of complexity. Our long-term partners are all major Russian machine-building plants. We do business with many manufacturers from Europe and Asia as well. We supply core materials for our orders. This allows us to control period of fabrication and quality of final products.

Our design engineers are capable to develop basic, front-end and detailed design based on our in-home and International Licensors’ projects.

Our experienced logistics people are always focused to find out ideal transportation solutions. They work out the best inland, river and sea routes, arrange services for bridge reinforcements, construction of quays and approach roads. During last 3 years, 70% of our delivered equipment was heavy and overweight.

We also provide wide range of construction management and installation/erection services.

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